Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit


Plantae Essentials Kit

A great introduction to the world of Plantæ. We have pieced together starter size products that we believe demonstrate the efficacy of Plantæ products, and are suitable for all skin types.

Kit Includes: 

Plantae Cosmetics Bag with artwork by Nelson artist Lori Davis 

Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk (20g)

Ivy Cleansing Gel (20g)

Rose Otto Essential Water (20g)

Rose Hip Fruit & Seed Serum (4g)

Watercress Day Lotion (20g)


Step 1: To get you off to a good start by remove any makeup and impurities with our Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk. Apply 1 – 2 squeezes without water to your face. Rinse.


Step 2: We love a double cleanse, and Plantae products are gentle enough that you can get the benefits of a double cleanse without damaging your skin.  Follow up with our Ivy Cleansing Gel to purify and refine.  Again, a couple of squeezes applied to the face.  Once the gel begins to foam, remove with a warm, damp washcloth.


Step 3: Spray our Rose Otto Essential Water over your face or onto a cotton pad and gently apply. It’s important to use a toner to return your skin back to its neutral pH and ensure you’ve removed any impurities left from your tap water or damp cloth.  We like to think of it as spell check for your skin!


Step 4: Gently massage 1 – 2 drops of our Rosehip Fruit and Seed Serum onto your cheeks, chin, temples and forehead.  Be careful to avoid the eye area as a serum is too rich for the delicate eye area skin.


Step 5: Seal the deal with Plantae’s light weight Watercress Day Lotion.  2 – 3 squeezes massaged into your face, neck and décolletage will seal in important nutrients absorbed from using our serum  leaving your skin soothed and hydrated.

Key ingredients

Totarol TM, Pine Bark, Rose Damescena


4 x 20ml - 1 x 4ml

Ideal for

All skin types