23/3/2018 02:31

What is the critical skincare step you’re skipping?

When it comes to caring for your body’s largest organ; our skin — it would seem absurd to consider skipping a step, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to skincare, we cut more corners than we care to admit. More often than not, we are easily convinced by the lure of a quick fix or a shortcut. Despite that, we’re often guilty of miseducation and the moment we purchase our products we become self-proclaimed experts. We’ll gladly assure ourselves that certain steps are unnecessary and over–indulgent in the journey towards healthy skin. In this case, what we don’t know and what we might think we know certainly is hurting us — or at  least, it’s hurting the well being of our skin.

The path to healthy, beautiful skin involves an inevitable wake-up call: one that stresses the requirement of complete and utter dedication in order to reap genuine results. K? What are we going on about here? Toning: it might seem to you that it’s the same as warming up before a workout, a suggestion but not a necessity.  When we bypass toning, we sacrifice some of the most significant results of a diligent skincare routine.

Following up cleansing with a toner is kind of like spell check for your skin.  Toning ensures you’ve removed every last particle of dirt, oil, makeup and any minerals that can be found in your tap water. This encourages the tightening of gaps between cells, not only minimising the appearance of our pores, but also refusing entry of further impurities. Toners are even effective against nasty minerals present in our tap water. Without a toner, we would likely leave these contaminants on the surface of our skin and then lock them in with our moisturiser. For this reason, we ought to consider a toner as an additional and yet mandatory cleansing step.

A good toner is filled galore with antioxidants, plus hydrating and soothing agents. These work wonders for enhancing our skin’s smooth surface. Worthy of note as well, is the original and primary role of a toner: this is to balance the skin’s pH balance. While our skin tends to rest at a pH level of five or six, cleansing can act to moderately disrupt this level. Left without toning, the skin is more susceptible to bacteria, and in the long term: dryness, aging and inflammation. More than likely, the skin will work overtime in an attempt to restore its usual pH balance, resulting in excess oil production and breakouts. A toner ensures a st, restoring process your skin, and leaving your skin revitalised.

At Plantae, we offer three different toners, each of which target specific skin concerns and skin types. We recommend the Wild Thyme Toner, infused of organic New Zealand Wild Thyme Honey, to reduce appearance of pores and minimisation of blackheads. The Bitter Orange Blossom Sprtiz, made of extracts of orange blossom flowers, is best utilised for rehydration and brightening. Our Rose Otto Essential Water has been scientifically proven to strengthen the skin, by increasing fibroblast (with collagen/elastin) production by 20%. Complete your skincare routine and implement the right toner into your routine today at: https://plantae.co.nz/product-category/toners/