17/4/2019 23:59

Plantae & Nadia Magazine

Should you not have already read it, this is a small section of an article published in Nadia Magazine – April/May 2019 issue where Lisa Friis our C.E.O was interviewed and spoke about organics as follows:

What does it mean to be New Zealand’s purest skincare?

Plantae Certified Organic Skincare is New Zealand’s purest skincare range. That means we hold ourselves and our skincare to the highest independent organic industry standard – Biogro NZ. We ensure that every product in our range contains at least 95% (or more) organic ingredients. Our skincare range exceeds the Biogro NZ minimum standard and is entirely 95% or greater organic – we are the only New Zealand skincare manufacturer who has every single product certified at this high level. This is a tremendous corporate commitment to our customers and our environment which is not seen at this level elsewhere.