9/4/2018 02:29

Let’s Celebrate Organic Week NZ #organicweeknz

From the 9th – 15th of April, New Zealand will come together to celebrate its very first Organic Week! This campaign will be held annually with the intention of educating New Zealanders on the importance of investing in organic, as well as to the progress of organics within New Zealand. Across the country, various events and promotions shall be hosted in order to highlight the selection of organic products and produce currently available in the New Zealand market. It is a time to commemorate those organic farmers, producers and manufacturers, who have already displayed determination to supply our nation in a most ethical and ecological manner. The campaign acts as a further opportunity to persuade non-organic producers, as well as to attract attention from the government, whose capacity it is to assert National Regulation of organic practice and labeling guidelines. 

First thing’s first: what does ‘organic’ actually entail? According to the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), organic can be described as the “avoiding or excluding of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation.” To manufacturers, organic in particular, each of these terms holds significant meaning. To the everyday users of their products, however, such jargon is easily lost to the many endorsed messages that guide our daily consumerism.

Most personal-care products are comprised of chemical compounds that struggle to decompose, and instead, gather in our ecosystems. Each time we cleanse, these chemicals flow from our sinks to our rivers, lakes and water systems. Non – recyclable Plastic packaging finds a permanent place in a local landfill, or otherwise consumed by wildlife — who unfortunately, knows no better.

Not only are non-organic products immensely harmful towards the environment, they also pose numerous risks to us as their consumers. It is said that nearly 20% of personal-care products consist of a cancer-inducing chemical. Certain parabens found in commercial cosmetics have a tendency to disrupt hormones and are more likely to mask skin concerns than to solve them.

Organic products, in contrast, tend to be filled with nourishing vitamins, which naturally and authentically act to fight free radicals, slow the aging process and repair the skin. All Plantae products are granted with organic certification at a standard of 95% or more organic ingredients. And that’s not all. Organic certification demands ethical practices across the entire board of production, extending from what constitutes a product to who aids in that very constitution. Certified organic companies must not violate any human rights, in addition to environmental ones. Packaging is to be constructed with the intention for re-use, or with the capacity to be recycled, in order to create the least environmental impact possible.

For Plantae our commitment to using only certified organic materials, and keeping our products >95% certified organic provides traceability to our consumer.  We also know that on a formulation level organic raw materials are the purest expression of nature’s healing power.

Certified Organic skincare guarantees our consumers are purchasing a transparent product, but also getting the safest, most effective and purest skincare in New Zealand.
Particularly in light of Organic Week NZ, Plantae is proud to be one of the 750+ producers, manufacturers and farmers across New Zealand and the Pacific, which are certified fully organic by BioGro. Plantae is subject to annual audits, in which a plethora of strict regimes are evaluated, including the tracing of all raw ingredients and assessment of organic management plans. For this sake, organic certification by BioGro is New Zealand’s most thorough and trustworthy identification for organic products. We’re making real change towards the maintenance of a clean, green New Zealand.

To learn more about the importance of organics, special events in your area and more about Organic Week NZ please visit: www.organicweek.co.nz