Core Values

Core Values

Health and Well-being of Women World Wide

We are here because we believe in the transformative power that organic botanics can offer. By using these in a cosmetic form we offer women the opportunity to heal from the outside in, through properties found only in the plant kingdom. We want to spread our products world wide not just for commercial gain, but to improve the health and natural beauty of women where organics may be less easily attainable.


We are focused on spreading the health and beauty benefits of organic skincare to as many women as possible. We will always keep our price points at a level that is fair, we will not inflate our prices simply for higher profit.

A Great Love For Botanics and The Earth As A Whole

Our organization has a profound love for the natural world and what it can do for human health. We will do our very best to make sure our ecological footprint is minimal, that our products remain plant based, and will always look for new ways to reduce waste. Our passion for the earth and all its living beings – plants and animals alike is expressed through our products and their healing potentials.

You Can Make Money Without Doing Harm

Organics and sourcing the best, most responsibly collected, and produced raw materials will always be part of our manufacturing process. We will always be honest and completely transparent with our customers about our practices. Our staff will be treated with respect, compensated fairly and we are committed to making Plantae an employer of choice. Our customers and our employees are important to us, and we can be commercially viable whilst still valuing them. We can have effective products while maintaining our integrity.


We will always be honest with the public about the operation of Plantae. This transfers over to our business culture; we work diligently to ensure that our work place culture is conducive to open and honest dialogue and supporting one another as colleagues.